Neptun System of Several Hungarian Universities Hacked


Misusing the name of, bizarre, obscene messages appeared in the Neptun system of several Hungarian universities. The students of Corvinus University of Budapest, ELTE and Óbuda University also received similar messages via the university’s IT system, which of course did not come from the online news portal, nor from the operator. In response to the incident, ELTE decided to temporarily shut down the Neptun system.

The university’s announcement states: they have started investigating the case and are taking the necessary IT security and other steps. They ask their students to be patient until the system is restarted, and draw their attention to the fact that they must not respond to fake emails received within the system.

Corvinus writes in his reply to the press: We regret to inform you that the Neptun account of one of our students was attacked by an external attack, as a result of which our students received false messages. We detected the incident immediately and took the necessary steps. These messages are not genuine and should not be replied to under any circumstances. (The medium mentioned in the letter has nothing to do with the attack.)

They also note: in connection with the matter, their experts are constantly monitoring the systems, and they also ask university citizens not to share their passwords with anyone for the sake of security, and to change them regularly and use strong passwords. Corvinus also asks its students to do not respond to suspicious emails or click on any buttons or links in them.

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