TV Set Fell on a One-Year-Old Child – She Lost her Life


On September 17th, in Becske, Nógrád County, the TV fell on a one-year-old girl while she was playing. The little girl climbed onto the TV stand, then grabbed the television, which fell on her and caused her such serious injuries that they could no longer save her life in the hospital.

“My colleagues arrived at the scene with an ambulance helicopter, from where a one-and-a-half-year-old child was transported to the hospital in a life-threatening condition” – Pál Győrfi, head of communications for the National Ambulance Service, told the press.

The little girl died of her injuries in the hospital not long after. Pál Agócs, mayor of Becske, also told the press: “Everyone in the village knows the family, they did everything for the child, raised them with love. The residents of the village and the municipality will help them in everything” –  said the mayor.

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