Train Hit and Killed a Man in Pécs


A freight train hit a man in Pécs, at the Nagyhídi út railway crossing at dawn on Friday, and the 41-year-old man was killed at the scene, according to Baranya County police.


All that is known for the time being is that the train was traveling from Pécs to Pécsbánya. By the time of the scene investigation, police closed the railroad crossing, and the traffic had to avoid it.

According to statistics from MÁV and the police, this year’s railway accident statistics show a dramatic deterioration. In the first five months of this year, there were 43 railroad crossing accidents, seventeen more than a year ago. According to MÁV, the accidents caused by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in each case since 2008 who do not follow the rules.

There are 5,460 railway crossings in Hungary, through which about three thousand trains pass daily.

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