Van and InterCity Train Crashed – A 17-Year-Old Boy Died in the Accident


Railway traffic between Nagykőrös and Cegléd is suspended because the Torontál InterCity, which runs from Szeged to the Nyugati Railway Station in Budapest, collided with a vehicle in one of the Cegléd railway crossings, Mávinform reported.


No one was injured on the train; the light barrier at the railway crossing worked well, showing a red signal. According to Mávinform, a train replacement bus was launched to transport the passengers. IC trains between Budapest and Szeged have longer journey times due to the replacement bus service and transfers. According to the information provided by the disaster management, the train collided with a van in Cegléd, at the railway crossing on Dohány street. The driver of the vehicle got stuck in the vehicle, and professional firefighters from Cegléd started to rescue the victim from the van with a tension cutter. However, the 17-year-old driver of the vehicle suffered so severe injuries in the crash that he lost his life.

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