Mild Weather Expected During the Holiday Weekend


Spring weather is expected during the holiday long weekend.

On Friday, we can expect several hours of sunshine with a temperature of 13-18 degrees Celsius, but on Saturday, rain is expected in several places, then on Sunday, typically sunny, dry weather is expected, rain can only occur in the northeast, according to HungaroMet Nonprofit Zrt .’s forecast, which he delivered to MTI on Thursday.

On the national holiday of March 15th, Friday, cloudy weather with several hours of sunshine is expected in the eastern part of the country, while a veil cloud drifts over Transdanubia, which is getting thicker and thicker, so there can be only a few hours of sunshine there. Precipitation is unlikely, the air movement will remain moderate for the most part. The highest daytime temperature will be between 13 and 18 degrees.

On Saturday, the sky will be mostly overcast, then from the afternoon and evening the clouds will break up from the northwest and west, and the clouds will decrease. Rain, showers and thunderstorms are expected in several places. From time to time, the south, south-west, and from the evening in the Transdanubia, the north-west wind picks up. The temperature rises from 3-9 degrees in the morning to 11-18 degrees.

On Sunday, generally cloudy, sunny and dry weather is to be expected, but mainly in the northeast and east there may still be heavily cloudy areas, there may be rain and showers in places. The north-western and northerly winds will revive and strengthen in several places. 1-8 degrees in the morning, 11-17 degrees in the early afternoon, it can only be cooler in the northeast.




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