Rainy Weather Arrives on Friday


It will still be sunny on Thursday, while the weather turns rainy again on Friday.


On Thursday, after the mist and fog patches disappear, sunny weather with veil clouds and no precipitation is expected, reports kiderul.hu. The southerly wind will be brisk in many directions, accompanied by strong gusts in some places in Transdanubia. The daytime temperature will be between 11 and 17 degrees. The air cools down late in the evening, mainly between 5 and 11.

On Friday, however, it will rain again. Clouds will thicken from the west, and rain and showers are expected in more and more places, but a thunderstorm is also not excluded. Significant amounts of precipitation may also occur in certain places. The south and south-easterly winds will pick up in several places. The temperature will be between 7 and 13 degrees in the early afternoon, it can be warmer in the southeast.


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