NNK: Concentration of Coronavirus in Wastewater Continues to Stagnate


The concentration of the genetic material of the coronavirus in wastewater continues to stagnate, the National Center for Public Health (NNK) announced on its website on Wednesday.


In the announcement, it was written that in the 33rd week, among the cities examined, a slight upward trend can be seen in Békéscsaba, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Salgótarján and Veszprém, a decrease can be seen in Pécs, Szeged, Szekszárd and Tatabánya, while the trend is stagnant in the other locations.

The NNK announced: the concentration of the genetic material of the coronavirus falls in the elevated category in 21 sampling locations, and in one sampling location – Zalaegerszeg – in the moderate category. Four levels are distinguished on the concentration scale: low, moderate, elevated, high. The NNK drew attention to the fact that the virus poses the greatest risk to the unvaccinated, so they are still being asked to get vaccinated. The third, confirmatory vaccination is still recommended for those who received the previous vaccination more than four months ago, they wrote.


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