Special Dog Cemetery Hidden in the Keszthely Mountains

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Not simple pets, but heroic soldiers are laid to rest in the dog cemetery near Lake Balaton.

A unique dog cemetery can be found in the Balaton Uplands National Park on the tourist route between the Büdöskút forest and the Szent Miklós spring.

The place hides between the foothills of the Keszthelyi Mountains, it can be reached from Balatongyörök by a longer, almost 10 km hike through the forest. If you would like to walk less, just 4-5 km in the autumn sun, then start from the other direction, from Vállus for the tour.

But why would someone bury their pet deep in a Balaton forest? The question arises for everyone who hears for the first time that there is a dog cemetery along the tourist route. The answer is unusual: in this small cemetery, not pets, but military dogs are laid to rest.

The cemetery was accidentally discovered in the beginning of the 2000s during a walking tour by burgher Imre Seffer. This part of the Keszthely Mountains could not be visited by civilians for decades, it was an area closed by a barrier.

Today, from the rest area in Büdöskút, a sign indicates the direction to the dog cemetery, from here you will find the small crosses ten minutes away. The 50-60 meter tower of the former relay transmitter is only visible when leaving the cemetery, even though it rises only a few hundred meters above the forest. You can also read the history of the strange dog cemetery on an information board near the graves.

Take food and drink with you on the tour, along the way you will find several resting places with tables and benches where you can have a picnic.



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