Bodies of the Missing Two Young Men Found in Lake Balaton

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The bodies of the two young people who died in Lake Balaton on Saturday night were found on Tuesday morning, the Somogy County Police Headquarters said.


The body of one of the young men was spotted from a boat in the Balaton area. Not far from this location, the water police also found the body of the other young man.

The two young people started swimming in Lake Balaton with their third partner late on Saturday afternoon. They were already on their way out clinging to a surfboard when the two of them sank.

The incident occurred 300-350 meters from the shores of Lake Balaton.

Both victims were 17 years old, one from Bódvalenke and the other from Tornanádaska.

There was no storm warning in place at the time the young people went missing in the water. No hostility has arisen, so the case is being investigated under administrative jurisdiction, police said.

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