Fire Extinguished at Kis-Balaton, an Area of ​​600 Hectares Has Burned Down

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The fire that broke out on the outskirts of Sármellék, near main road no. 76, in the area of ​​Kis-Balaton, was extinguished by Monday dawn, the National Directorate General for Disaster Management reported MTI.

It was written that reeds and undergrowth burned on about 600 acres.

Professional firefighters from Keszthely, Pacsa, Zalakaros, Marcali, Nagykanizsa and Badacsonytomaj, as well as volunteer firefighters from Alsópáhok, Hévíz and Szőkedenc fought the flames. The works were directed by the Zala County Disaster Management Service.

On Sunday evening, Zsolt Kósi, a spokesman for the Zala County Disaster Management Directorate, told MTI that on-site measurements had been carried out due to the high amount of smoke, but no pollutants were released into the air.


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