Football fans brawl after the match

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After the fans left the stadium (on 7th of May) a fight broke out in the parking area of the Fonix Hall. No injuries reported.

The security of the football match (DVSC Teva – Videoton, result: 3 -2) was controlled by the stadium`s internal security services. Inside the stadium there were no serious incidents just a little hustle among the visitor fans.

After the match, however was a little disagreement among 8-10 DVSC fans which they wanted to remedy with a fistfight. Nearly a hundred fans tried to get involved the fight when the police force ,which ensured the outside security arrived and after warning the fans used physical force /tear gas and batons/ to stop them. The brawling people left the scene so their capture and identification was not possible.

One radio of a police officer disappeared during the action. The GPS signals showed that the device was insidea local fans pub in Kassai street.
A police officer called upon the fans to hand over the radio but nobody answered.
They removed the battery but the GPS signal still had not stopped. Police officers formed a line in front of the bar and informed the people inside that they carried out ID check and they inspected all their clothing. That was enough to got back the radio.
No police officers was hurt in the action and they have no report that anyone from the fans took injuries.
Police initiated proceedings in vandalism against unknown perpetrators.

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