Outer Wall of the Student Dormitory of Tamási Áron High School in Székelyudvarhely Collapsed – One Student Died


A 17-year-old student in Székelyudvarhely lost his life and was buried under a collapsed part of the student dormitory of the Tamási Áron High School on Monday. Three students were rescued from the ruins, two of them are not in danger and the third is in a coma, the Hargita County Disaster Management (ISU) announced.


Alina Maria Ciobotariu, ISU spokesperson, told Digi24 news television: the firefighters, who arrived at the scene with great force, rescued three female students between the ages of 15 and 17 from the ruins, two of them were conscious, the third girl, who had suffered a cardiac arrest, was revived, but her condition is still severe, she is on a ventilator. Rescue teams searched for hours for the fourth victim trapped under the ruins. Two and a half hours after the start of the rescue, the ISU announced that they had managed to locate the boy under the rubble, who was conscious, and the rescue units had managed to contact and communicate with him. This information later disappeared from ISU flash reports. The fourth victim was finally pulled from the rubble in an unconscious state ten minutes before 19:00 local time. The disaster management announced at 19:30 that the victim’s resuscitation was unsuccessful.


According to information from the Székelyhon.ro news portal, the collapsed dormitory was the only building of the Tamási Áron High School still awaiting renovation, after the main building of the educational institution and the old convent building in Iskola Street were completely renovated in recent years thanks to Hungarian state subsidies. Director György Laczkó told the newspaper that further support from the home country may arrive for the renovation of the student residence next year, but urgent work is already underway in the courtyard of the building located on Márton Áron Square. According to the Romanian media, a ditch was recently dug next to the collapsed part of the building to drain the ground water and waste water from under the now partially collapsed building. Demeter Levente, chief inspector of Hargita County, told the Agerpres news agency that there was a valid construction permit for the sewerage works. The student dormitory housed 97 students who attended various educational institutions in the city. According to him, it was luck in the misfortune that the wall did not collapse after 5 p.m., for example, not at night. At four o’clock in the afternoon, there were relatively few students in the building, because according to the rules of the college, they had free time until 5 p.m.



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