Common Costs in Blocks-of-Flats Might Be Thousands of Forints More Expensive


Blocks-of-flats and housing cooperatives are constantly spending their money, which is why common costs have to be increased almost everywhere this year, Csilla Javós, a joint representative from Kaposvár, told the press about this.

“I don’t know how the residents will accept this, but in order for them to be able to pay for everything and have some money left for minor renovations, the price must be increased by at least HUF 2-3,000. In an apartment building that requires serious renovation work, the monthly common costs must be increased by HUF 10,000. Currently, the monthly cost of a twenty-year-old apartment building with an elevator is HUF 10-12 thousand on average, and we expect this to increase to HUF 20 thousand. In blocks-of-flats without an elevator, where the cost is now HUF 5-6,000, the price must be increased at least to more than HUF 10,000” she explained.

Csilla Javós mentioned as an example that in Szombathely, people living in apartments pay HUF 25,000 in common expenses per month. As she said, the income conditions on the western border are different, but it is still possible to pay the costs and even renovate with such a sum. “Even though most apartment buildings in Kaposvár have a renovation fund and have about 5-6 million forints, it is not enough for a roof renovation, which costs 10 million. However, by the time the necessary amount is collected, the investment will already be a few million more expensive. It would be possible to take out a loan, but due to the change in interest rates, we urge everyone to be careful,” said the joint representative.


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