Suzuki Factory in Esztergom Has Ceised Operation


Production has stopped for a week at the Magyar Suzuki factory in Esztergom, between January 15th-21st – the company’s communications manager informed MTI on Monday.

Zsuzsanna Bonnár-Csonka stated that the reason for the decision is that the arrival of Japanese-made engines for the domestically produced S-Cross and Vitara models is delayed, due to a series of attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea region. The communications manager indicated that the ships will travel on an alternative route in the future, so according to the plans, production can start again on January 22nd at the Suzuki group’s only European plant.

The Esztergom factory of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. produces the Suzuki Vitara and S-Cross models. In 2022, 129,022 cars were produced, and in 2023, according to the plan announced in the middle of the year, 168,000. Most of the production is exported to more than 100 countries.



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