Fuel Prices Have Risen By HUF 21 at Midnight


The average price of gasoline and diesel per liter rose by HUF 21 from Monday, as the second phase of the excise tax increase came into effect.

The first increase was on the 1st of January, when gasoline and diesel became more expensive by HUF 20. After the current increase, it is expected that the average price of gasoline will be HUF 580 per liter, and that of diesel will be HUF 608 per liter.

With the increase, fuel is more expensive among our neighboring countries only in Slovakia, the price difference in the case of Romania is significant, almost HUF 70 for gasoline, and in Slovenia and Croatia the difference can be HUF 50-60.

According to holtankoljak.hu, we should not expect any major price changes in the next week.




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