Folklore Gala Organized in Pécs in Honor of Ethnographer Bertalan Andrásfalvy


Summarizing the most important stages of the folk dance researcher’s life journey and the professional and community messages surrounding it, Hungarian folk music and folk dance will welcome the 90-year-old ethnographer Bertalan Andrásfalvy in a gala evening on August 24th in Pécs, the Janus Pannonius Museum announced to MTI.


According to the institution’s announcement, traditional dancers from the villages of Baranya, Sárköz, Szatmár and Székely in Bukovina will perform at the gala held in the building of the National Theater in Pécs.

The two-part evening will feature Márta Sebestyén, Kálmán Balogh, István Pál “Szalonna”, Codoba Florin and Sons from Magyarpalatka, members of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Mecsek, Nyírség, Pöndöly dance ensembles, Vasi Kislegényczéh, as well as other dancers and music performers, former ethnographic students.

Bertalan Andrásfalvy, who is also known as a regime change minister and university professor, belongs to that great generation of ethnographic researchers, most of whose members are no longer alive, and who initiated the change in attitude that led to a deeper understanding of the folk dance treasure of the Carpathian Basin and to its traditional stage presentation.

This change in attitude was also decisive for the birth of the dance hall movement, which has been included in UNESCO’s register of best practices for the preservation of intellectual cultural heritage since 2011 as the Hungarian model for the transmission of intellectual cultural heritage, and which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

More details about Wednesday’s gala evening can be found at


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